Work with me to be on your way to better over all health and wellness!

Ready to feel amazing? Gain back your energy and focus? Feel confident again?

My coaching program is designed to help incorporate more into your life style, instead of depriving or doing drastic measures, which will help you lose weight and feel your best and keep you from getting burnt out. 
I meet you where you are at currently in your wellness journey, and help you dig deeper to find out your goals, how you want to feel and the life style you want to live. I then help you create systems to help you stay consistent and really change your mindset around nutrition, learn healthier ways of doing things, create freedom around food and cut any negative emotions holding you back! 
Get ready to drop the all or nothing mindset and have fun!

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See below for ways to work with me one on one!
Can't wait to help you reach your goals!

Accountability Partner
$40 per month

Are you looking for accountability? Want me as your personal cheerleader?

 One initial 30 min health and goal setting consultation 

Daily texts from me each morning! (Monday-Saturday)
Send me a text each evening, on what you did to get closer to your goal! 
Pics of your meal, questions on a recipe, tracker results, movement, etc.
Each morning I will give tips, praise, encouragement, extra motivation, 
ideas for food swaps, exercise recommendations, and more 
to ensure your goals are still on track based on your previous days message!

Monthly recap emails and goal setting tips

6 Month Guided Program
$100 per month

One on one 30 min session with me, twice per month, via video call or regular call (your choice) 
Each session we follow my guided 12 step program, where we focus on one item to improve your overall wellness
Each session we will add in one new focus, for the duration of the program.
We will set up systems to keep on track with each focus item.

Open communication with me via text, outside of our sessions

Weekly checkins via text for accountability

Option to extend program to work on areas you are needing more time to adapt to

Recap emails after each session to analyze what we discussed and 
what to work on for the next two weeks before we meet again.

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

$200 per month

One on one, full hour session with me, twice per month, via video call or regular call (your choice) 
where we dive deep into your wellness journey.
We will spend time working on habits, putting systems in place to achieve those habits, emotional feelings around our goals and food, analyzing food journals, stress, relationships, and spiritual wellbeing, plus much more!

Open communication with me, via text out side of our sessions

Recap emails after each session to analyze what we discussed and 
new things to work on before our next session

Not sure which option to choose? Schedule a free 15 min consult!

Free Consultation

Let's chat! Set up a free 15-minute consultation with me to see what we can accomplish together.